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Our technicians also focus on installation of aftermarket garage-door system upgrades, which include automatic detection systems and motorized garage systems. In the machination of an average garage door, there will be regular instances of open air exposure. This exposure is caused by a gap left between the door and the frame. By implementing our solutions, we can help you save up on energy cost by introducing energy saving insulation to the garage doors that you already have in place.

Garage Door Solution Service West Nyack, NY 845-579-7872

A Special Process

The process of making a customized garage door that you will approve starts from the consultation. We get into a meeting with you and discuss how you want your customized door. We put our thoughts together to come up with the best design for both aesthetic appeal and a security solution for your garage space. Once this is established, we embark on building the ideal garage door for you, using only the highest quality of material from our trusted suppliers.

We then go to the site of installation where our technicians take measurements and align all panels in preparation for the final installation. The door is placed in its rightful place and all areas checked for air tightness or any other foreseeable wear and tear issue that may occur in the future. This process assures the residents of West Nyack that their doors will serve them for years to come.