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We have invested years of garage door design, repairs and implementation at Garage Door Solution Service which have given us an incomparable advantage and deep knowhow in garage door maintenance. We have teams of technicians who are always happy to serve you at any time of the day or night. Our state-of-the-art mobile units are available at any place that you may need us within West Nyack, NY. Any time you call on us, we will be there in no time to serve you as promptly as possible

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Garage Door Solution Service West Nyack, NY 845-579-7872One common oversight made by companies and homeowners alike is in investing in the services of an ill-qualified worker who purports to be an expert. Such a mistake might lead into a routine issue culminating into a major maintenance or replacement requirement. The system of the door depends on all components to work in unison, and if they are disturbed, they may fail and cause bodily harm to the inexperienced technician.

Garage Door Solution Service technicians are trained to provide the best support for our commercial and residential clientele. We maintain, upgrade, and repair garage door components to perfection. We have a mobile unit fitted with all the cutting edge tools that we would need to respond to your call with the technicians ready to work. Our professional services are a cut above the rest that makes Garage Door Solution Service the most trusted name in garage door works, within West Nyack.

Garage Door Checkup

The complex design of a garage door means that every component is dependent on the other. If one of the components fails, the entire system could easily break down. We recommend regular maintenance to maintain the integrity of your customized garage door.

Our technicians at Garage Door Solution Service have the knowledge and capacity to carry on regular maintenance that will keep your door in top performance. We are specialists at the provision of beforehand garage door services that will give a clear indicator of any problems that could arise in any of the parts or the larger doors system now and in the future.

A Garage Door Solution Service spot check is all our technicians would require to point any anomalies in garage door springs, garage door panels, garage door hardware and garage door track assembly. We then would proceed to make tweaks where they are required and in no time, we shall have your door as good as it was when you first got it. After the assessment, the expert gives you a concise evaluation of any issues that may be affecting your garage door and the technician involved would confidently make suggestions on if you should replace or upgrades that would make the operation of your garage door more seamless.

Off-Track Garage Door

The track of a garage door is that part of the door that makes it rise or lower in a seamless manner. However, this mechanism would render the door extremely difficult to operate or at worst, make it useless. Most tracks get misaligned from the doors because of a broken cable which may be as a result of continuous heavy use. Other factors may be environmental like bad weather, and they could cause the same damage over time. Given the nature of this operation, it is likely that the cables only break on either side. In most cases, the cable will break during the rise of the door. If the break happens before the door is completely opened, the door may be rendered inoperable. On some occasions, the electric eye that is responsible for the detection of any obstructions in the door’s path malfunctions causing the door to come off the track. An impact too hard will pop the door off its track. Whatever the cause for the track issue, you need to attend to the door quick enough. No one knows this better than the technical teams at Garage Door Solution Service who are always ready to help.