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Emergency Repairs

The extent to which a jammed or off-track door can slow down or completely impede the normal functioning of your business or home cannot be stressed enough. It can lock out your car, tools of work or other important aspects of your life. An ill-functioning door is not only an inlet for crime, but it is also a weak point for vandalism. A bad garage door may be caused by a small mistake or extended periods of continuous use causing its most important parts to fail. In either case, if left unattended, it may aggravate the situation. It may result in theft, damages, and any other issues. For this reason, Garage Door Solution Service is focused on the provision of professional garage door services and giving prompt responses for emergency cases in West Nyack any day, anytime..... Click to read more

Standard Garage Doors

Garage Door Solution Service stands tall among competitors with their authority in garage door types fit for homes and businesses in and around West Nyack. We install overhead door types that boost security in your home and garage. We also specialize in upgrades of standard doors to add that extra flare and step up the security level in any door be it commercial, residential or even alternative doors. Garage Door Solution Service houses the most skilled teams of garage door creation and maintenance experts who have honed their craft for years. We share the goal of being the provider of exceptional service. We portray our abilities every time we respond to a call to perform any task no matter the scale. Our technicians are firsthand beneficiaries of years of hands on experience and rubbing shoulders with industry heavy hitters. We combine this skill set with people skills when we dispatch any teams to your location. This is the same skill set when you need our opinion on what would for your needs..... Click to read more

Rolling Garage Doors

Garage Door Solution Service’s range of products extend to rolling steel garage door types as another easy to use option. When you need extra security, the rolling steel doors that we offer are a perfect choice for a placement. Our up-coiling doors can fit any standard openings. We create rolling steel door models and use your preferred color, curtain fabric, and slats, so you don’t have compromise security for aesthetics..... Click to read more

Specialty Doors

West Nyack residents and businesses have different purposes for their garage doors. Some of the clients have them for the aesthetics while others are using them for more practical uses. However, sometimes we do not have the exact door to match a client’s needs. In such a case, Garage Door Solution Service will present a range of specialty doors that our clients will find in line with their requirements. In the specialty door category, Garage Door Solution Service are unmatched skill wise. Our specialty door crew holds the top most qualification levels in repair, installation, and maintenance. They can confidently give their opinions on what will improve the state of your specialty garage door in your home or business..... Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

The garage door represents up to 50 percent of your building exterior. That said, you could choose to have it custom designed to give the exterior of your building the physical appeal that speaks of your style. Garage Door Solution Service has a team of designers who are well-versed with designing customized commercial and residential garage doors for our customers. We use assorted unique materials, which include imported wood types, brushed aluminum, transparent materials, and composite to give our clients a wide variety. The idea is to produce a final product that is as appealing as it is daring..... Click to read more

Garage Door Maintenance

We have invested years of garage door design, repairs and implementation at Garage Door Solution Service which have given us an incomparable advantage and deep knowhow in garage door maintenance. We have teams of technicians who are always happy to serve you at any time of the day or night. Our state-of-the-art mobile units are available at any place that you may need us within West Nyack, NY. Any time you call on us, we will be there in no time to serve you as promptly as possible.... Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Our technicians also focus on installation of aftermarket garage-door system upgrades, which include automatic detection systems and motorized garage systems. In the machination of an average garage door, there will be regular instances of open air exposure. This exposure is caused by a gap left between the door and the frame. By implementing our solutions, we can help you save up on energy cost by introducing energy saving insulation to the garage doors that you already have in place..... Click to read more

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Solution Service stocks garage door parts from the industry leaders. We also stock a wide range of generic parts that give you value for your money while performing at the highest level. We are your preferred destination within West Nyack for an expanded supply of garage door parts, weatherproofing material, hardware and other accessories of every model and design available in the market..... Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Since the garage is often times the most frequently used door at the home level or in your business premises, a motion detecting feature could make it so much friendlier and to the users. We have a range of motion detector garage door openers from which you can choose. We have the standard models that work well without putting a dent in your wallet, and the more sophisticated premium garage door openers that are excellent performers with effective operative speed and noiseless function..... Click to read more