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Garage Door Solution Service West Nyack, NY 845-579-7872West Nyack residents and businesses have different purposes for their garage doors. Some of the clients have them for the aesthetics while others are using them for more practical uses. However, sometimes we do not have the exact door to match a client’s needs. In such a case, Garage Door Solution Service will present a range of specialty doors that our clients will find in line with their requirements. In the specialty door category, Garage Door Solution Service are unmatched skill wise. Our specialty door crew holds the top most qualification levels in repair, installation, and maintenance. They can confidently give their opinions on what will improve the state of your specialty garage door in your home or business.

Insulated Doors

Our insulated garage doors are one of our fastest moving commodities. According to our clients, they are a top pick when you need more layers of protection for your house, business or car from the harshness of weather. One of the most convenient uses for insulated doors is warehouses that need to maintain certain conditions within. Our doors are the ideal choice to preserve the state of what is in the warehouse.

These insulated doors are exactly what you need to transform your garage into the perfect private area to work or exercise. Your schedule will not be held captive by bad weather or terrible external conditions. Once you install these doors, they will decrease the costs you use on energy, making this installation of the best decisions you can make for your home or warehouse. Garage Door Solution Service carries only the best grade of insulated door types. Our design team is ready to apply their creativity so you can have a custom made door that meets your particular needs.

Fire Doors

Many of our clients seek our opinion on whether a fire door is a vital asset in their garage spaces. We always answer in the affirmative. The garage is the storage space for some of the most unstable chemicals. It is where we store gasoline, paints and paint products, chemical solutions and other flammable chemicals. The garage is therefore quite vulnerable to fire. A stray spark can set the whole place on fire. Some of these chemicals have even been known to undergo combustion when exposed to direct sunlight. Since most garages are connected to the main house, fire starting in that area can bring down an entire building in no time. 

A fire door acts as a guard as in it is made up of material that can withstand up to certain levels of heat. It could, therefore, resist small flares. If it is fireproof, it can prevent the fire from damaging your home and even buy you enough time to get help or escape in the case where the fire is uncontrollable.

The benefits of a fire door cannot be emphasized enough. It is so important that some municipal building codes have insisted on their implementation in buildings countrywide. A fire door that is rated to resist fire for at least 20 minutes or more is ideal for both commercial and residential garages. A fire door can make the difference in your garage’s security setting.

Traffic Doors (High-Speed Doors)

The traffic door specifically meant for high-traffic portals is another one of our more commonly installed specialty doors. This door is intended for high-speed and high frequency to allow for a hasty entry. We offer our traffic-optimized doors in two models: the economical one that delivers great value for money and the premium version that allows for faster entry with reduced levels of noise while in motion.