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Garage Door Solution Service stocks garage door parts from the industry leaders. We also stock a wide range of generic parts that give you value for your money while performing at the highest level. We are your preferred destination within West Nyack for an expanded supply of garage door parts, weatherproofing material, hardware and other accessories of every model and design available in the market.

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Solution Service West Nyack, NY 845-579-7872A garage door spring is the centre of the garage door. It helps balance the weight of the door as it lifts and lowers. If the spring is damaged, your garage door is going to be immobilized. At Garage Door Solution Service, we stock a variety of door springs such as extension and torsion springs. We also carry a range of springs that for custom assemblies.

Garage Door Solution Service’s garage door experts will guide you on the springs that suit your door as well as advice you on how best to maintain them in perfect shape. We also provide effective repair services and upgrades for all types of door springs, including torsion, extension springs and other customizable door springs. We not only advice you on the most suitable door springs but we also provide you with information on how to keep them working properly.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs have to be affixed to a metal-bar that is installed over a garage door so that they can work. They transfer the weight of the garage door to the stabilizing bar. The stabilizing bar has cables at each end, which coordinate with the unwinding spring and pull the door open. The torsion spring is designed to move an otherwise almost impossible to move load. Its operational life and strength are determined by the size of its wire, the diameter, and length of the spring. Two door springs are enough for residential garage doors while in the commercial sector, you would need to invest in additional springs.

Extension Springs

They are placed onto the doorframe of a garage door system or on the doorframe. They contract and stretch as the door makes its movements. They act as the connection point that balances the weight of the door when the shortening spring acting as the force that propels the door towards the ceiling. The extension and torsion springs are at a lot of pressure and their servicing should only e carried out by a professional.

Spring Repair

Garage door springs are another delicate cog in the garage door system mechanism. These springs are vulnerable to damage, mostly on account of their intricate design. Garage door springs are constantly under immense pressure due to the sheer weight of the doors. In commercial models, these springs manage more than a ton. If a spring malfunctions, the resulting damage could be far worse than anticipated. Given this sort of danger, it goes without saying that you should always make sure these highly sensitive springs are in top condition. Garage Door Solution Service are experts in repair and maintenance of garage door springs to keep you and your belongings safe.